About us

Who are we?

What is Tayabt ?
In a world influenced by development in all sectors, even nutritional products have been altered to make people skeptical when buying food or body care products.
Taybat come as an outstanding icon in its sector offering to exhibitors among associations, cooperatives and firms with good reputation in the market, a space to expose their products and a variety of choices to their clients.

Our mission

Why Taybat?
Taybat is the embodiment of a magnificent idea in real life, based on acquiring natural products from different regions according to strict standards. The aim is to offer them to nature lovers, taking their satisfaction into account. Taybat cares about your health and your well-being. We do insist on exhibiting all that is beneficial.
With Taybat, rebuild your life and start again.

Our vision

A way of living:

Taybat is more than a name, it is rather a way of living full of serenity and harmony with our environment, the people we love and nature that gives us a lot for free.

In spite of modern life’s comfort and luxury, it involves bitterness and disappointment causing daily stress.
The only issue is leading a modest life, in harmony with our ideas, feelings, possibilities and resources.


Three generations of productivity:

The strength of Taybat lies in its heritage. It is the result of three generations. The journey begins in a faraway village to reach the world and, then, retrieves its origin.

The effective knowledge of the family in field of natural products commerce begins in the 1980’s. My father had left his village to emigrate to Tetuan, bringing with him the essential skills he learnt from my grand-father. He settled in the mellah. Then, my uncles joined him one by one. Little by little, each became independent. In spite of their low level of education, they went on discovering a new world defying the obstacles with good-will. I learnt from each of them. Their experience enriched my career.

Years passed by, the third generation follows the path of its predecessors.
The idea of Taybat in its new form stems from my childhood. Just after I was born in the medina of Tetuan, my father took me back to the village, where I spent six years with my grand-father. This was the origin of my deep relationship with nature through the years.
Since my early childhood, I have been hooked to earth and its fruits.. that is, I am generally immersed in the rural lifestyle.

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