What is a Terroir:

A terroir designates a natural region, considered to be homogeneous, through the resources and productions that it is likely to bring, in particular through its agricultural specialization (Farming, breeding).

A land and men: the terroirs result from the exploitation over a long period, by a human society, of part of the potential of a natural space or agro-ecosystems.

The terroir would therefore be a concrete, tangible and mapable space, through multiple factors (geographic: pedology, geology, geomorphology, hydrology, climatology, microclimate, exposure, etc.). But it also has a cultural dimension that directly reflects the human society that operates it and its history. Another of its dimensions relates to the typicality of the environment and its agricultural productions.


Its cultural diversity and biodiversity make Morocco a country rich in local products: Honey, dates, figs, prickly pear, saffron, argan oil, olive oil, cactus oil ...
With the Green Morocco Plan, a development strategy for the marketing of local products has been launched by the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, through its agency for agricultural development ADA.
Local products are a promising alternative for the local, viable and sustainable development of remote or difficult to access areas.

Agricultural label:

When a product is recognized to have a set of special qualities and properties, this shows a high quality level, higher than that of similar products of which it is distinguished because of its production and manufacturing circumstances and, if any, because of its geographical origin.


PGI Protected geographical indication Morocco


The name used to identify a product as being original of a territory, a region or a locality, when a quality or property or any of the characteristics of that product may be attributed essentially to this geographical origin and the production and/or transformation and/or creation take place in the delimited geographical zone.
PDO Protected designation of origin Morocco


The geographical name of a region, a given place or, in some exceptional cases, a country. It is used to designate a product originally from their and whose quality, reputation or other properties are exclusively or essentially due to the geographical zone, including human and natural factors, and whose production, transformation and creation take place in the geographical zone.


The Collective Label "TERROIR DU MAROC" is a tool for promoting local products on a national and international scale with a view to improving the income of the small producers concerned and increasing the quality of their products. it also aims to give consumers and distributors confidence in these products by providing them with information on the quality of the products bearing this Label.
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